Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Virginia
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Virginia Staff Member

Dr. James Roberts

Jamie Roberts

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Research Interest

Ecology and conservation of stream fishes Applied population ecology and genetics

Research Publications Publication Date
Roberts, J.H., P.L. Angermeier, and E.M. Hallerman. 2013. Distance, dams and drift: What structures populations of an endangered, benthic stream fish? Freshwater Biology 58: 2050-2064 2013-12-31
Roberts, J. H., and P. L. Angermeier. 2007. Spatiotemporal variability of stream habitat and movement of three species of fish. Oecologia 151: 417-430. 2007-03-31
Dutton, D. J., J. H. Roberts, P. L. Angermeier, and E. M. Hallerman. 2008. Microsatellite markers for the endangered Roanoke logperch Percina rex (Percidae) and their potential utility for other darter species. Molecular Ecology Resources, 8: 831-834. 2008-07-31
Technical Publications Publication Date
Roberts, J.H. and P.L. Angermeier. 2006. Assessing impacts of the Roanoke River Flood Reduction Project on the endangered Roanoke logperch. Final report to United States Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington, NC. 44 pp. 2006-03-31
Roberts, J.H and P.L. Angermeier. November 2004. Monitoring for effects of KIK effluent on Roanoke logperch in Roanoke River. Final Report to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Gloucester, VA. 11 pp. 2004-11-30
Roberts, J., P. Angermeier, and E. Hallerman. 2010. Survey of mitochondrial DNA variation in endangered Roanoke logperch (Percina rex). Final report to Virginia Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries. Submitted for USGS review. 2010-10-31