Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Alaska
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Alaska Staff Member

Jason Neuswanger

Research Publications Publication Date
Rosenberger, A.E., J.B. Dunham, J. Neuswanger, and S. Railsback. 2015. Legacy effects of wildfire on stream thermal regimes and rainbow trout ecology. Freshwater Science 34:1571-1584. 2015-08-31
Neuswanger, J, M Wipfli, M Evenson, N Hughes, A Rosenberger. 2015. High summer stream discharge strongly correlates with low productivity of stream-type Chinook salmon in two Alaskan rivers in the Yukon drainage. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 72:1125-1137. 2015-04-30
Project Completion Date
Ecology and Demographics of Chinook salmon 2011-03-31
Presentations Presentation Date
Rosenberger, A.E., J. Dunham, J. Neuswanger, B. Rieman, H. Neville, S. Railsback, and J. Buffington. Resilience of rainbow trout in Idaho streams to wildfire-related disturbance. Symposium Seminar, American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Quebec City, Canada. August, 2014. 2014-08-25
Neuswanger, J.R., N.F. Hughes, M.S. Wipfli, and A.E. Rosenberger. 2013. 3-D territoriality and shadow competition within schools of juvenile chinook salmon. Oral presentation given to the Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. 2013-10-10
Neuswanger, J., N. Hughes, M.S. Wipfli, and A.E. Rosenberger. The importance of drifting debris for drift-feeding juvenile Chinook salmon. Seminar, Midnight Sun Science Symposium, Fairbanks, AK (award received). February, 2012. 2012-02-05
Neuswanger, J., M. Wipfli, M. Evenson, A.E. Rosenberger, and N. Hughes. Flow-induced variability in the stock-recruitment relationships of two Interior Alaskan rivers, and related ecological mechanisms. Seminar, Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Sustainable Salmon Initiative’s Chinook Salmon Synthesis Workshop, Anchorage, AK. February, 2012. 2012-02-15