Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: South Dakota
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South Dakota Staff Member

Mr. Mark Joseph Fincel

Graduate Research Assistant Mark Fincel

Phone: (605) 688 - 6121


Born and raised in the suburbs of Dayton, OH. Obtained B.S. at Ball State University (Muncie, IN), M.S. at Eastern Illinois University (Charleston), in 2007 started PhD at SDSU. He has accepted a position as Senior Biologist for the Missouri River Fisheries Center, SD GFP in Pierre, SD.

Research Interest

Research interests include sport fish management, aquatic ecology and physiological ecology, fisheries biology, and effects of human perturbations in aquatic biota.

Research Publications Publication Date
Fincel, M. J., S. R. Chipps, and R. A. Voldseth. 2010. Chemically-mediated predator inspection behavior by fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas). Journal of Freshwater Ecology 25(2):279-283. | Download 2010-06-30
Fincel, M. J., S. R. Chipps, and D. H. Bennett. 2009. Composition and location of simulated lake-shore redds influence incubation success in kokanee, Oncorhynchus nerka. Fisheries Management and Ecology 16:395-398. 2009-09-30
Andvik, R. T., J. A. VanDeHey, M. J. Fincel, W. E. French, K. N. Bertrand, S. R. Chipps, R. A. Klumb, and B. D. S. Graeb. 2010. Application of non-lethal stable isotope analysis to assess feeding patterns of juvenile pallid sturgeon Scaphirhynchus alubs: a comparison of tissue types and sample preservation methods. Journal of Applied Ichthyology 1-5. | Download | Publisher Website 2010-09-30
Presentations Presentation Date
Chipps, S.R., and M.J. Fincel. 2018. Modeling effects of climate variability on angler use in the Missouri River. Missouri River Institute, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD. 2018-11-15