Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Maine
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Maine Staff Member

Katie DeGoosh



  • MS University of Maine 2007
Research Publications Publication Date
Schilling, E. G., C. S. Loftin, and A. D. Huryn. 2009. Macroinvertebrates as indicators of fish absence in naturally fishless lakes. Freshwater Biology 54:181-202. 2009-01-31
Schilling, E. G., C. S. Loftin, and A. D. Huryn. 2009. Effects of introduced fish on native macroinvertebrates in two types of historically fishless lakes. Biological Conservation 142:3030-3038. 2009-12-31
Schilling, E. G., C. S. Loftin, K. E. DeGoosh, A. D. Huryn, and K. E. Webster. 2008. Predicting the historical distributions of naturally fishless lakes. Freshwater Biology 53:1021-1035. 2008-05-31
Petrin, Z., E.G. Schilling, C.S. Loftin, F. Johansson. 2010. Predators shape distribution and promote diversification of morphological defenses in Leucorrhinia, Odonata. Eolutionary Ecology 24:1003-1016 | Download 2010-10-31
Presentations Presentation Date
Kundel, H., K. DeGoosh, C, Loftin, and E. Schilling. 2019. Are Chaoborus mandibles in lake sediments a reliable indicator of historical fish absence in post-glaciated regions of Maine and Minnesota?Annual Meeting of the Society of Freshwater Science, 19-23 May, Salt Lake City, UT. 2019-05-19
Technical Publications Publication Date
2007. Annual Progress Report for State Wildlife Grant ?Environmental factors associated with unique lake communities in Maine?, 8 pp. 2007-07-31