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Maine Staff Member

Micheal Bank



  • Ph D University of Maine 2005
Research Publications Publication Date
Crocker, J. C., M. S. Bank, C. S. Loftin and R. E. Jung. 2007. Effects of observer bias and stream flow on lotic salamander population abundance sampling. Journal of Herpetology 41(2):325-329. 2007-04-30
Chalmers, R.J., and C.S. Loftin. 2010. Plethodon cinereus, eastern red-backed salamander, wetland habitat, Herpetological Review 41(4):468-469. | Download 2010-12-31
Bank, M. S., J. R. Burgess, D. C. Evers and C. S. Loftin. 2007. Mercury contamination of biota from Acadia National Park, Maine, USA: a review. Invited Paper, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Special Issue on Acadia National Park Mercury Biogeochemistry, 126(1-3): 105-115. 2007-01-31
Bank, M. S., C. S. Loftin, and R. E. Jung. 2005. Mercury bioacculumation in Two-lined salamanders from streams in the Northeastern United States. Ecotoxicology 14:181-191. 2004-05-31
Technical Publications Publication Date
Peckenham, J.M., S.J. Nelson, K.B. Johnson, J.S. Kahl, M.S. Bank, and C.S. Loftin. 2003. Hydrological, chemical, and landscape controls on mercury in streams on Mount Desert Island. Pages 143-152 in J.S. Kahl et al., eds., Establishing paired gauged watersheds at Acadia National Park for long-term research on acidic deposition, nitrogen saturation, forest health, and mercury biogeochemistry (1998-2002). PrimeNet Final Integrated report, Acadia National Park. 2003-05-31
Loftin, C.S., M.S. Bank, J. Hagan, and D. Siegal. 2000. Wildlife use of forested riparian areas in New England. Abstract, University of Maine Cooperative Forestry Research Unit Forestry & the Riparian Zone Conference, 26 October 2000, Orono, ME. 2000-10-31
Loftin, C.S., M. Bank, J. Hagan, and D. Siegel. 2001. Literature synthesis of the effects of forest management activities on riparian and in-stream biota of New England. UMaine CFRU Research Report 01-01 and Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station Misc Report 425. 78 pp. 2000-12-31
Bank, M.S., C.S. Loftin, T.A. Haines, and R.E. Jung. 2003. Effects of fire history, trophic dynamics, and watershed complexity on mercury bioaccumulation and biomagnification in two-lined salamanders (Eurycea bislineata) from Acadia and Shenandoah National Parks. final technical report for the Declining Amphibian Population Task Force, 4pp. 2003-06-30
2004. RWO 45 Northeastern Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative: Effects of landscape heterogeneity and environmental stressors on palustrine and lotic amphibian populations in Acadia National Park, Final report (dissertation and thesis) 2004-12-31