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Eugene Albanese

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Research Publications Publication Date
Albanese, G., P. D. Vickery, and P. R. Sievert. 2007. Habitat characteristics of adult frosted elfins (Callophrys irus) in sandplain communities of southeastern Massachusetts, USA. Biological Conservation. 136(1):53-64. January 2007
Albanese, G., M. W. Nelson, P. D. Vickery, and P. R. Sievert. 2007. Larval feeding behavior and ant association in frosted elfin, Callophrys irus, (Lycaenidae). Journal of the Lepidopterists? Society 61(2):61-66. June 2007
Albanese, G. , P. D. Vickery, and P. R. Sievert. 2008. Microhabitat use by larvae and females of a rare barrens butterfly, frosted elfin (Callophrys irus). Journal of Insect Conservation 12(6): 603-615. (Publication date: Dec 2008) December 2008