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Gavin Saenz

Gavin Saenz



Gavin Saenz is a Junior at Texas Tech University, pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management with Wildlife Biology concentration and pursing a Graphic Information Systems Certificate. He has an interest in macroinvertebrates and freshwater ecosystems. Gavin is examining diet composition of fish on the Red River to help assess the food web dynamics of the ecosystem. After he graduates, he plans to take a short amount of time off and then attend graduate school to obtain his master’s degree. He would like to work with cold streams and rivers and get a deeper understanding of the food webs of those systems.

Areas of Expertise

Aquatic Ecology

Taxon Groups Studied


Presentations Presentation Date
Sáenz, G.P., W.M. Wilson, and J.S. Rogosch. 2024. Gut content composition analysis of four native fishes of the Red River. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Honolulu, HI. Sep 15-19, 2024 September 2024