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Dr. Sara Cathey

Photo CRU Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr Sara Cathey

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In her graduate career, Sara focused her research on the assembly and stability of freshwater communities threatened by global change. While a postdoc at MSU, she will be leading a species status assessment for the Oktibbeha Rivulet Crayfish (Hobbseus orconectoides) while assisting with modelling the occupancy of Hobbseus spp. Before joining my lab, Sara obtained a BSc in Biology with a concentration in marine and freshwater biology from The University of Texas at Austin. She earned her PhD in Biology from Virginia Tech. Sara’s career goal is to serve as a freshwater scientist within academia or with a government agency.

Areas of Expertise

Anthropogenic Impacts, Aquatic Ecology, Ecological Flows, Entomology, GIS/Spatial Analysis, Landscape Ecology, Movement Ecology, Population and Community Ecology, Resilience, Species Distribution Modeling, Species Status Assessments, Statistics and Modelling, Stream Ecology, Water Quality

Taxon Groups Studied

Crayfish, Invertebrates/Insects, Species of Greatest Conservation Need