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Staff Member

Devin Raburn

Devin Raburn (MS student, MS CRU) bores hole for shallow-water well to monitor groundwater for her master's research on burrowing crayfishes.



Originally from eastern Pennsylvania, Devin moved to Mississippi to pursue a BSc degree in Wildlife, fisheries, and Aquaculture from Mississippi State University. During her undergraduate career, she have worked within the MSU forestry department as a research assistant and performed undergraduate research. She has also participated in the ESA/USGS Cooperative Fellowship Program to develop population and community level metrics of prairie-pothole wetland biodiversity and productivity based on amphibian and aquatic invertebrate monitoring data. Throughout her experience she has developed a passion for aquatic invertebrates and herpetology. She is now pursuing my master’s at MSU where she will be assessing the suitability of roadside ditches and headwater streams as habitat for the Oktibbeha Rivulet Crayfish (H. orconectoides) while clarifying their range and distribution before this species' review under the Endangered Species Act.

Areas of Expertise

Aquatic Ecology, Entomology, Landscape Ecology, Species Status Assessments, T&E Species Management, Urban Ecology, Water Quality

Taxon Groups Studied

Amphibians, Crayfish, Freshwater Fishes, Invertebrates/Insects, Nongame Fish/Wildlife, Species of Greatest Conservation Need