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Dr. Joseph L Mruzek

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Phone: (585) 260 - 9998
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Joe Mruzek received his Ph.D. in quantitative biology in 2022 from the University of Texas at Arlington, where he worked with Dr. Sophia Passy. His research interests are in stream ecology, specifically how different aspects of the environment shape local communities and structure biodiversity.

Areas of Expertise

Aquatic Ecology, Biodiversity, Managed Flows/Hydrology, Population and Community Ecology, Statistics and Modelling, Stream Ecology

Taxon Groups Studied

Freshwater Fishes, Invertebrates/Insects, Nongame Fish/Wildlife

Presentations Presentation Date
Mruzek, J.L, Peoples, B.K., Scott, C. S., Kuback, K., and Bower, L.M. Hierarchical relationship between local and regional environmental factors and stream fish life history. The Southern Division American Fisheries Society Meeting. Chattanooga, Tennessee. 2 February 2024 February 2024