Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

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Dr. Riley O Mummah

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  • Ph D University of California, Los Angeles 2021
  • MS University of California, Los Angeles 2020
  • MS The Pennsylvania State University 2016
  • BS The Pennsylvania State University 2016
  • BS The Pennsylvania State University 2016
  • BS The Pennsylvania State University 2016
Research Publications Publication Date
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Mummah, R. O., Hoff, N. A., Rimoin, A. W., & Lloyd-Smith, J. O. (2020). Controlling emerging zoonoses at the animal-human interface. One Health Outlook, 2(1), 17. September 2020
Li, S.-L., Bjørnstad, O. N., Ferrari, M. J., Mummah, R., Runge, M. C., Fonnesbeck, C. J., Tildesley, M. J., Probert, W. J. M., & Shea, K. (2017). Essential information: Uncertainty and optimal control of Ebola outbreaks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(22), 5659–5664. May 2017
Helman, S. K., Mummah, R. O., Gostic, K. M., Buhnerkempe, M. G., Prager, K. C., & Lloyd‐Smith, J. O. (2020). Estimating prevalence and test accuracy in disease ecology: How Bayesian latent class analysis can boost or bias imperfect test results. Ecology and Evolution, 10(14), 7221–7232. March 2020
Griffin, C., Mummah, R., & deForest, R. (2021). A finite population destroys a traveling wave in spatial replicator dynamics. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 146, 110847. May 2021
Gostic, K., Gomez, A. C., Mummah, R. O., Kucharski, A. J., & Lloyd-Smith, J. O. (2020). Estimated effectiveness of symptom and risk screening to prevent the spread of COVID-19. ELife, 9, e55570. February 2020