Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

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Dr. Josh Twining

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Phone: (607) 225 - 9756
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Areas of Expertise

AI/Machine Learning, Anthropogenic Impacts, Invasive Species, Population Dynamics, Population and Community Ecology, Predator-Prey Dynamics, Species Management, Wildlife Management

Taxon Groups Studied

Furbearers, Gamebirds, Nongame Fish/Wildlife, Small Mammals, Songbirds, Species of Greatest Conservation Need, Ungulates

Research Publications Publication Date
Twining, J.P., J.L. Brazeal, P.G. Jensen, and A.K. Fuller. 2024. Intraguild interactions and abiotic conditions mediate occupancy of mammalian carnivores: co-occurrence of coyotes-fishers-martens. Oikos. March 2024
Twining, J.P., D. Kramer, K.A. Perkins, and A.K. Fuller. 2024. Landscape-scale population trends in the occurrence and abundance of wildlife populations using long term camera-trapping data. Biological Conservation. January 2024
Twining, J.P. C. Sutherland, A. Zalewski, M.V. Cove, J. Birks, O.R. Weaarn, J. Haysom, A. Wereszcuk, E. Manzo, P. Bartolommei, A. Mortelliti, B. Evans, B.D. Gerber, T.J. McGreevy, L.S. Ganoe, J. Masseloux, A. Mayer, I. Wierzbowska, J. Loch, J. Akins, D. Frummey, W. McShea, R. Kays, S. Manke, L. Pardo, A. Boyce. S. Li, R.B. Ragai, A.J.V. Trujiilo, C. Lopez-Gonzalez, N. Lara-Diaz, O. Cosby, C. Waggershauser, J. Bamber, F. Stewart, J. Fisher, A.K. Fuller, K. Perkins, and R.A. Powell. Using global remote camera data of a "solitary" species complex to evaluate the drivers of group formation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. DOI 10.1073/pnas.2312252121 March 2024
Presentations Presentation Date
Twining, J.P.<b>,</b> Sutherland, C., Zalewski, A., Cove, M.V., Birks, J., Wearn, O.R., Haysom, J., Wereszczuk, A., Manzo, E., Bartolommei, P., Mortelliti, A., Evans, B., Gerber, B.D., McGreevy, J.R., Ganoe, L.S., Masseloux, S., Mayer, A.E., Wierzbowska, I., Loch, J., Akins, J., Drummey, D., McShea, W., Manke, S., Pardo, P., Boyce, A., Li, S., Ragai, R.B., Sukmasuang, R., Villafañe-Trujillo, A.J., López-González, C., Lara-Díaz, N.E., Cosby, O., Waggershauser, C.N., Bamber, J., Stewart, F., Fisher, J., Fuller, A.K., Perkins, K., Powell, R.A. Sociality in unexpected places: using global remote camera data to evaluate the drivers of group formation in “solitary” species. International Martes Symposium, Aviemore, Scotland, September 14, 2023. September 2023
Twining, J.P., and A.K. Fuller. Occurrence and trends of furbearing species in New York State. Department of Environmental Conservation Furbearer Team Meeting. January 26, 2022. January 2022
Twining, J.P., M. Schlesinger, A.K. Fuller, M.C. Berger, C.A.C. Calderon, and J. Frair. Monitoring long-tailed weasels and ermine populations in New York state. Furbearer & small game mammal management team meeting. February 2023. February 2023
Twining, J.P., B.C. Augustine, J.A. Royle, and A.K. Fuller. An integrated occupancy-abundance model for estimating species interactions. International Statistical Ecology Conference. July 1, 2022. July 2022
Twining, J.P., B.C. Augustin, J.A. Royle, and A.K. Fuller. Predicting species interactions on landscape-scales. Cornell Department of Natural Resources GSA symposium. January 20, 2022. January 2022
Twining, J.P., Augustine, B.C., Royle, J.A., Fuller, A.K. An occupancy-abundance model for estimating abundance-mediated species interactions. International Congress for Conservation Biology, Kigali, Rwanda, July 26, 2023. July 2023
Twining, J. R. Woolridge, and A.K. Fuller. Occurrence and trends of fishers in New York State. Northeast furbearer resources technical committee 46th annual meeting. Minnowbrook conference center, Blue Mountain Lake, NY. September 12, 2022. September 2022
Joshua P. Twining, Andrzej Zalewski, Michael Cove<sup> </sup>, Johnny Birks, Oliver Wearn, Jessica Hayso, Anna Wereszczuk, Emiliano Manzo, Paola Bartolommei, Alessio Mortellti, Bryn Evans, Brian Gerber, Juliana Masseloux, Amy Meyer, Izabela Wierzbowska, Jocelyn Atkins, Donovan Drummey, William McShea, Roger Powell, Roland Kays, Lain Pardo, Andy Boyce, Álvaro José Villafañe Trujillo, Carlos López-González, Ronglarp Sukmasuang, Megan Whatton, Olivia Cosby, Belden Giman, Roslina Binti Ragai, Sheng Li, Hongliang Bu, Dajun Wang, Fang Wang, Cristian Waggershauser, Jack Bamber, Frances Stewart, Jason T. Fisher, Kelly A. Perkins, Angela, K. Fuller, Chris Sutherland. Sociality in unexpected places: exploring the drivers of social complexity in the Martes complex. Italian Mammal Association seminar. January 23, 2022. February 2022