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Staff Member

Cydney Yost


Presentations Presentation Date
Yost, C.M., C.J. Conway, E.J. Harrity, R. Shafique-Sabir, J. Shore, and T.W. Anderson. 2022. Effects of selenium accumulation on Yuma Ridgway’s Rails at the Salton Sea, California. Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society. Spokane, WA. 9 Nov 2022. November 2022
Yost, C., C.J. Conway, T. Anderson, J. Shore, and R. Sabir-Shafique. 2023. Agricultural Drain Water Causes Selenium Bioaccumulation in Yuma Ridgway’s Rails. The Wildlife Society Annual Conference. Louisville, KY. 8 Nov 2023. November 2023
Yost, C., C.J. Conway, T. Anderson, J. Shore, R. and Shafique-Sabir, 2024. Selenium Concentrations in an endangered marsh bird: ramifications of run-off from adjacent agricultural fields. Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Coeur d’Alene, ID. 27 Mar 2024. March 2024
Sawyer, K.S., C. Yost, C. Conway, and E. Harrity. 2022. Ridgway’s Rails: Selenium, movement, survival, and monitoring in southern California. Sonoran Joint Venture Science Working Group Meeting. Virtual. 22 Jun 2022. June 2022