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Jack Fetters

Jack Fetters



Originally from Ohio, Jack graduated from Hocking College and Eastern Kentucky University where his research focused on coal mine outflows and its their effects on streams and other water body's of eastern Kentucky. Jack started out as a technician in May 2019 for TTU's Cooperative Fisheries Unit, then later started his M.S. in January 2021 at TTU. His research is focused on the status of mussel fauna among the Wolf River in Fentress and Pickett County, Tennessee.

Research Publications Publication Date
Fetters, J., A. Rosenberger, K.I. Womble, A. Ford, B. Bajo. 2022. Increased population size of the federally endangered Ptychobranchus subtentus in the Wolf River, TN (Fentress and Pickett Co.). Ellipsaria 24: 21-24. February 2022
Presentations Presentation Date
Fetters, J.G., A.E. Rosenberger, and A. Ford. 2022. Mussels of the Wolf River, TN: A resurvey of unionids in an inundated Cumberland tributary. Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society. Henry Horton State Park, TN. Poster Presentation. <br><br> August 2022
Fetters, J., A.E. Rosenberger, and A. Ford. 2022. Mussels of the Wolf: A resurvey of Unionids in an inundated Cumberland tributary. Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting. Grand Rapids, MI. May, 2022. May 2022
Fetters, J., A. Rosenberger, A. Ford. 2021. The Distribution and Habitat Status of Freshwater Mussels in the Wolf River, TN. Poster Pesentation to the Southeastern Fisheries Council, Columbus, Georgia. November 2021