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Rafael Chaparro


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Terando, A., J. Collazo, J. Bowden, M. Eaton, R. Majumder, E. Martinez, A. Rivera-Burgos, and R. Chaparro. 2023. Exposure risk for high elevation tropical anurans based on observed physiological thresholds and statistical-dynamical downscaling of global climate model simulations. AGU 2023, San Francisco,CA. December 2023
Rafael Chaparro<sup>1</sup>, Ana C. Rivera<sup>1</sup>, Eloy Martinez<sup>2</sup>, Adam J Terando<sup>3</sup>, Mitch J. Eaton<sup>3</sup>, and Jaime A. Collazo. 2023. Thermal limits of coqui frogs in Puerto Rico: implications for conservation. 7th Symposium of Puerto Rican Herpetology. September 13, University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo. September 2023