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Staff Member

Amelie Dolfi


Research Publications Publication Date
Dolfi, A., K. Kausrud, K. Rysava, C. Champagne, Y-H Huang, Z.R. Barandongo, W.C. Turner. 2024. Season of death, pathogen persistence and wildlife behavior alter the number of anthrax secondary infections from environmental reservoirs, Proceedings of the Royal Society B - Biological Sciences, 291: 20232568. | Abstract February 2024
Barandongo, Z.R. A.C. Dolfi, Y-H. Huang, K. Rysava, S.A. Bruce, P.L. Kamath, H. van Heerden and W.C. Turner. 2023. The persistence of time: the lifespan of Bacillus anthracis spores in environmental reservoirs, Research in Microbiology. | Abstract | Publisher Website January 2023
Presentations Presentation Date
Turner, W.C., A.C. Dolfi, Z.R. Barandongo. Anthrax transmission dynamics: heterogeneity in pathogen survival and host behavior affects secondary infections arising from infectious carcass sites. W71st Annual International Conference<br>of the Wildlife Disease Association, July 29-August 4th, 2023, Athens, Georgia. July 2023