Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Wisconsin Wildlife
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Wisconsin Wildlife Staff Member

Kimberlie Vera


Research Publications Publication Date
Turner, W.C., S. Périquet, C.E. Goelst, K. Vera, E.Z. Cameron, K.A. Alexander, J.L. Belant, C.C. Cloete, P. du Preez, W.M. Getz, R.S. Hetem, P.L. Kamath, M. Kasaona, M. Mackenzie, J. Mendelsohn, J.K.E. Mfune, J.R. Muntifering, R. Portas, H.A. Scott, W. M. Strauss, W. Versfeld, B. Wachter, G. Wittemyer, and J.W. Kilian. 2022. Africa’s drylands in a changing world: Challenges for wildlife conservation under climate and land-use changes in the Greater Etosha Landscape. Global Ecology and Conservation, | Abstract | Publisher Website July 2022