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Brielle Kwarta Thompson

Brielle Kwarta



Brielle is a Master's student in the Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management program at the University of Washington. She is co-advised by Dr. Sarah Converse and Dr. Julian Olden. Her graduate research involves applying mathematical, statistical, and geospatial models to better inform invasive species management.

Research Publications Publication Date
Thompson BK, SJ Converse and JD Olden. 2021. Mechanistic invasive species management models and their application in conservation. Conservation Science and Practice 3:e533. | Abstract September 2021
Project Completion Date
Improving our tools for combating invasive species September 2024
Presentations Presentation Date
Thompson, B.K., Olden, J.D., Converse, S.J. 2022. Building a framework for adaptive management of an invasive species. Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Online. 14 May - 20 May. May 2022
Thompson BK, Olden JD, Converse SJ. 2022. Towards building a framework for adaptive management of an invasive species. The Wildlife Society Annual Conference, Spokane, Washington. 6-10 November. November 2022
Thompson BK, Olden JD, Converse SJ. 2022. Developing monitoring targets to better inform management of invasive rusty crayfish. International Statistical Ecology Conference, Online. 27 June - 1 July. May 2022
Converse SJ, NJ Hostetter, SM Amburgey, AE Bratt, AJ DuVall, BK Thompson, LS Petracca, HA Sipe, MH Sorel, AJ Warlick, and M Kadin. 2022. Synchrony in seabird survival: drivers at multiple spatial scales. Pacific Seabird Group Conference, Online. 23-25 February. February 2022