Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: California
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California Staff Member

Cory Dick

Cory Dick

Phone: (707) 826 - 3268


  • BS University of Wisconsin 2019


Cory Dick has been part of the California Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit since January of 2020. Before joining the Coop Unit, Cory studied biology at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire where he obtained an undergraduate degree and received his first publication on earthworms. Studying invasive earthworms in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness consisted of a ten-day backpacking trek to collect data thus sparking a passion for both research and field work. After graduation, Cory continued working in the research field by joining multiple scientific technician teams working on projects ranging from shark and ray populations in Florida to Pacific salmon health in Alaska. During downtime in Florida, he spent a lot his time in the classroom acquiring a USCG captains license, earning him the name Captain Dick.

Research Interest

Most recently, he was part of the major cutthroat trout restoration effort taking place in Yellowstone National Park which focused on the suppression of invasive predatory lake trout within Yellowstone Lake. Owing to his research on invasive species, Cory will now be looking into predatory actions of invasive fish occurring throughout the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta and utilizing molecular methods to better understand these actions.