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Dr. Casey Pennock

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  • Ph D Kansas State University 2019


I grew up in a small town in south-central Kansas, and cut my teeth on sandbed rivers in the Arkansas River Basin. I completed a masters and PhD at Kansas State University, where I researched fish passage solutions for Great Plains fish communities and movement and early life history ecology of desert suckers. My research interests are centered around the conservation and ecology of freshwater fishes, and my research experiences have taken place across a diverse array of aquatic systems, including small streams, large rivers, and reservoirs in the Great Plains and desert southwest. I first joined the Budy Fish Ecology Lab in April 2020 as a postdoctoral research fellow assessing climate change impacts on Alaskan arctic lakes and continuing to research desert fish ecology. I am currently research faculty in the Department of Watershed Sciences at Utah State University.

Research Interest

Aquatic ecology and conservation, population and community ecology, animal movement

Research Publications Publication Date
Pennock, C.A., P. Budy, and N. Barrett. 2021. Effects of increased temperature on arctic fish is mediated by food availability: Implications for climate change. Freshwater Biology 66:549-561. DOI: 10.1111/fwb.13659. USGS FSP ID-121940.

March 2021
Pennock, C. A., and K. B. Gido. 2021. Spatial and temporal dynamics of fish assemblages in a desert reservoir over 38 years. Hyrdrobiologia 848:1231-1248. March 2021
Pennock CA, Ahrens ZT, McKinstry MC, Budy P, Gido KB. 2021. Trophic niches of native and nonnative fishes along a river-reservoir continuum. Scientific Reports 11:12140 (2021). June 2021
Bruckerhoff, L.A., C. A. Pennock, and K.B. Gido. 2021. Do fine-scale experiments underestimate predator consumption rates?. Journal of Animal Ecology. doi:0.1111/1365-2656.13549

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May 2021
Presentations Presentation Date
Pennock C, Macfarlane W, Budy P, Jimenez J, Goodell J. 2022. Effective conservation and restoration of desert riverscapes must include conservation of in-stream flows: What can we learn from a case study from the White River, Utah? February 2022
H. Pehrson, C. Pennock, G. P. Thiede, and P. Budy. 2021. Effects of thermokarst failure on fish feeding ecology and diet composition in a pair of arctic lakes. Annual Meeting, Western Division, American Fisheries Society, Virtual, 10-14 May. May 2021
Chavez, M. J., C. A. Pennock, and P. Budy. 2021. Big moves by a little fish: characterizing movement patterns of an endangered minnow in a fragmented river. Western Division American Fisheries Society. May 2021