Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
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Staff Member

Kyle Smith


Research Publications Publication Date
Smith, Kyle, A.C. Landon, D.C. Fulton. A self-determination approach to understanding leisure identity salience among lapsed hunters. Leisure Science. | Abstract June 2023
Smith, K., S.A. Schroeder, A.C. Landon, L.J. Cornicelli, D.C. Fulton, and L.E. McInenly. (2020). A replication of proximity to chronic wasting disease, perceived risk, and social trust in managing between hunters in Minnesota and Illinois. Human Dimensions of Wildlife (published online without volume/page numbers).
DOI: 10.1080/10871209.2020.1860270
December 2020
Smith, K., A. Landon, D.C. Fulton, and G. Kyle. 2024. Self-determination theory as an alternate conceptual foundation for motivation in natural resource recreation. Human Dimensions of Wildlife. | Abstract March 2024
Landon, A.C., K. Smith, L. Cornicelli, D.C. Fulton, L.E. McInenly, S.A. Schroeder. Examining Landowners’ Preferences for a Chronic Wasting Disease Management Program. Wildlife Society Bulletin December 2022
Presentations Presentation Date
Smith, K., D.C. Fulton, A. Landon, L. McInenly. 2021. Assessing potential routes of human-facilitated transmission of chronic wasting disease. 81st Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. February 1-3, 2021. Virtual. St. Paul, MN. February 2021
Smith, K., A. Landon, and D. Fulton. Application of hybrid choice models to wildlife management. Human Dimensions Pathways Conference. June 2023, Ft. Collins, CO, USA June 2023
Landon, A., K. Smith, D.C. Fulton, and G. Kyle. Reconceptualizing motivation in human dimensions using self-determination theory. Human Dimensions Pathway Conference, June 2023, Ft. Collins. Co. June 2023
Kyle Smith, D.C. Fulton, M. Craft. 2024. Linking human behavior and attitudes to spillover of SARS Cov-2 at the cervid-human interface. Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference, January 28-31, 2024. Sioux Falls, SD January 2024