Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Massachusetts
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Massachusetts Staff Member

Alec Baker




After my Bachelor’s I worked four seasons with a habitat monitoring program (PIBO-EMP) where I was a lead for 3 remote workstations in the Intermountain West. In fall 2019 I started my Master’s research under Dr. Allison Roy.

Research Interest

My project will focus on the downstream biotic effects of winter water level drawdowns as a dam management strategy. More generally I am interested in metapopulation structure and migration dynamics, habitat connectivity, watershed management, and aquatic organisms with dynamic life histories.

Presentations Presentation Date
Baker, A.M., A.H. Roy, T.A. Richards, M. Craddock, and C.N. Bentsen. 2020. April showers in November: Examining how altered hydrology from winter drawdowns can impact habitat and biota. Southern New England American Fisheries Society Winter Meeting, 13-14 January 2020, Cambridge, MA. 2020-01-13
Baker, A.M. and A.H. Roy. 2020. April showers in November: Flipping the flow regime: Examining how altered hydrology from winter drawdowns can impact downstream ecology. ASLO-SFS 2020 Joint Summer Meeting, 7-11 June 2020, Madison, WI. 2020-06-07