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Utah Staff Member

Ms. Emma Doden

Emma Doden hiking in the Grand Tetons



Emma received her B.S. in Wildlife Ecology: Research and Management, and Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2016.

Research Interest

Emma is currently at Utah State University working on her M.S. comparing resident and translocated beaver ecology at desert restoration sites. She enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of the project, which has potential impacts in the fisheries, water resources, riparian restoration, and wildlife management fields. Her project title is "BLM & BoR: Utah Understanding the Dynamics of Beaver Re-Introduction for Passive Desert River Restoration."

Research Publications Publication Date
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Presentations Presentation Date
Walsworth, T.E., Budy, P., Wheaton, J., Macfarlane, W.W., Shahverdian, S., Thiede, G.P., Keller, D., Goodell, J., and Jimenez, J. Harnessing process-based restoration to improve in-stream and riparian habitat in the Price River, Utah. Oral presentation: Utah Chapter American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Provo, Utah, March 12-14, 2019. 2019-03-13
Doden, E., Young, J.K., Budy, P. 2020. One of the locals or new in town: Comparing resident and translocated beaver ecology at stream restoration sites. Research-in-progress poster. USGS Utah CRU Annual Meeting. Logan, UT. 2020-02-20
Doden, E., Young, J.K., Budy, P. 2019. One of the locals or new in town: Comparing resident and translocated beaver ecology at stream restoration sites. Student research-in-progress poster. Joint TWS and AFS National Conference. Reno, NV. 2019-09-30
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Doden, E., Budy, P., and Young, J.K. 2020. A tale of two beavers: Are translocated beavers as effective as resident beavers in desert river restoration? Contributed oral presentation. The Wildlife Society National Conference 27 September – 1 October, 2020. Louisville, KY. 2020-10-01
<sub>Doden, E. Young, J.K., and Budy, P. 2020. Movements, fates, and activity patterns of resident and translocated beavers at desert restoration sites. Oral presentation. UT TWS annual meeting (cancelled due to COVID-19). Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, UT. </sub> 2020-03-26
Technical Publications Publication Date
Walsworth, T.E., Budy, P., Keller, D., and Jimenez, J. 2019. UCRB Innovative and Science-based Desert Tributaries Restoration: Price River Initiative. Project Report to the Desert Fish Habitat Partnership. 2019-07-31
Doden, E. Budy, P., Young, J.K. 2019. Beaver re-introduction - Passive desert river restoration. Performance Report for the period January 1, 2019 to December 1, 2019 to the Bureau of Land Management. Agreement number L18AC00121. 2019-12-31
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