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Mrs. Hila Taylor

Hila Taylor



I am currently working on my master's degree in wildlife conservation at Virginia Tech researching gray bats roosting preferences on bridges through acoustics and guano DNA barcoding.

Research Publications Publication Date
True, M.C., K.M. Gorman, H. Taylor, R.J. Reynolds and W.M. Ford. 2023. Fall migration, oceanic movement, and site residency patterns of the eastern red bats (Lasiurus borealis) on the mid-Atlantic Coast. Movement Ecology 2023) 11:35 June 2023
Jorge, M.H., W.M. Ford, S.E. Sweeten, S.R. Freeze, M.C. True, M. J. St. Germain, H.Taylor, K.M. Gorman1, M. J. Cherry, and E.P. Garrison. 2021. Winter Roost Selection of Lasiurine Tree Bats in a Pyric Landscape. PLoS ONE 16(2): e0245695. February 2021
Jorge, M.H., S.E. Sweeten, M.C. True, S.R. Freeze, M.J. Cherry, E.P. Garrison, H. Taylor, K.M. Gorman and W.M. Ford. 2021. Fire, land cover and temperature drivers of bat activity in the winter. International Journal of Fire Ecology. (2021) 17:19 /
June 2021
De La Cruz, J.L. M.C. True, H. Taylor, D.C. Brown, and W.M. Ford. 2022. Unique land cover classification to assess day-roost habitat selection of northern long-eared bats on the Coastal Plain of North Carolina, USA. Forests 13(5), 792. June 2022
Taylor, H., K.E. Powers, W. Orndorff, E.M. Hallerman and W.M. Ford. 2023. Sources of Yearly Variation in Gray Bat Activity in the Clinch River Watershed, Virginia Journal of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 10:107–113. March 2023
Project Completion Date
Post WNS bat ecology in the eastern United States December 2024
Presentations Presentation Date
Taylor, H., K.E. Powers, W.D. Orndorff, R.J. Reynolds, and W.M. Ford. 2024. Tracking gray bat (Myotis grisescens) movement using Motus towers in southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee. 34th Colloquium on Conservation of Mammals in the Southeast. Hilton Head, SC. Feb 16. February 2024
Litterer, A.S., H. Taylor, M.C. True, and W.M. Ford. 2022. With apologies to Marie Antoinette "let them eat cicadas" 2022 Northeast Bat Working Group, Manchester, NH. Jan. 12-14. January 2022
<b>Taylor, H., W. Orndorff, R.J. Reynolds, M. Short, K.E. Powers and W.M. Ford. 2020. Gray bat (<i>Myotis Grisescens</i>) activity levels in southwest Virginia. 27th Annual Conference of the Wildlife Society. Sept 28-Oct 1. </b> September 2020
<b>Taylor, H., K.M. Gorman, M.C. True, K.E. Powers and W.M. Ford. 2020. Gray bat (Myotis grisescens) activity levels across southwest Virginia. Abstracts of the 30th Annual Colloquium on Conservation of Mammals in the Southeastern United States. Athens, GA. February 15</b> February 2020
<b>Gorman, K.G., H. Taylor, T.S. McCay, T.M. Carter and W.M. Ford. 2024. Seasonal changes in shrew morphology. 103rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists, Boulder, CO. July 7-11.</b> July 2024
<b>De La Cruz, J., M. True, H. Taylor, D. Brown, G. Jordan, C. Manley, and W.M. Ford. 2020. MULTI-SCALE HABITAT SELECTION BY NORTHERN LONG-EARED BATS ON THE COASTAL PLAIN OF NORTH CAROLINA. Abstracts of the 30th Annual Colloquium on Conservation of Mammals in the Southeastern United States. Athens, GA. February 15. </b> February 2020