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Holly Goyert

Holly Goyert

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  • Ph D City University of New York and College of Staten Island 2013
  • BS Tufts University 2003


Dr. Goyert has specialized in estimating the at-sea distribution and abundance of marine birds for over a decade. She developed an interdisciplinary research program examining pelagic interactions among populations of protected marine birds, fishes and mammals.. My research interests have focused on identifying how marine communities of endangered mammals, birds, and fishes, cope with a changing environment by relying on facilitative interactions with each other. This means that the conservation and management of one mesopredator depends not only on the availability of prey and suitable habitat, but also on the ecology of other mesopredators. My work involves quantitatively rigorous approaches to modeling the dynamic processes that drive the modification of seabird foraging strategies. The applications of this research span new frontiers of conservation, with respect to offshore energy exploration, overfishing, and climate change.

Project Completion Date
Population Dynamics of Alaskan Seabirds July 2017