Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Staff Member

Kimberly Anne Sawyer


Presentations Presentation Date
Stevens, B. S., C. J. Conway, K. Sawyer, L. Kershek, G. Block, S. Hamilton, and R. Kolstrom. 2024. Developing a Range-wide Sampling Framework for Endangered Species: an example with light-footed Ridgway’s rail. Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Coeur d’Alene, ID. 28 Mar 2024. March 2024
Sawyer, K.S., C. Yost, C. Conway, and E. Harrity. 2022. Ridgway’s Rails: Selenium, movement, survival, and monitoring in southern California. Sonoran Joint Venture Science Working Group Meeting. Virtual. 22 Jun 2022. June 2022
Sawyer, K.A., and C.J. Conway. 2024. Survival of captive-released and wild-caught light-footed Ridgway’s rails. Light-footed Ridgway’s Rail Interagency Recovery Team Meeting. Virtual. 29 Feb 2024. February 2024
Sawyer, K., C.J. Conway, and T. Katzner. 2024. Navigating the tides: Reintroduced rails respond differently to high tides than their wild counterparts in light-footed Ridgway’s rails. American Ornithological Society Annual Conference. Estes Park, CO. 3 Oct 2024. October 2024
Sawyer, K., C. J. Conway, T. Katzner, and E. J. Harrity. 2021. Abundance, connectivity, and seasonal movements of Light-footed Ridgway’s Rails (Rallus obsoletus levipes)<i> </i>Light-footed Ridgway’s Rail Recovery Team meeting. Webinar. 12 Mar 2021. March 2021
Sawyer, K., C. J. Conway, T. Katzner, E. Harrity, and B. Collins. 2022. Factors influencing survival of captive-released light-footed Ridgway’s rails in southern California wetlands. Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society. Spokane, WA. 7 Nov 2022. November 2022