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Alexander May

Alex May

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Alex May enjoys the trials and elation from wildlife research, having been seasonally employed for six years prior to beginning his Master's project. He has worked with insects, cougars, marten, Kodiak bears, wolves, pika, bald eagles, peregrine falcons, osprey, sage grouse, great blue heron, trumpeter swans, leopards, black bears, pronghorn, mule deer, and wolverines. Moose are now the central component of his fieldwork and computer menagerie. He enjoys that his project has both applied management and ecology components. Most of his preferred recreational activities are just differing means of conveyance to see animals.

Research Publications Publication Date
Ortega, A.C., Dwinnell, S.P.H., LaSharr, T.N., Jakopak, R.P., Denryter, K., Huggler, K., Hayes, M., Aikens, E.O., Verzuh, T., May, A., Kauffman, M.J., and Monteith, K.L. (2020). Effectiveness of Partial Sedation to Reduce Stress in Captured Mule Deer. Journal of Wildlife Management, 84: 14451456. | Abstract July 2020
Project Completion Date
Population Dynamics in Moose in the Snowy Range December 2018