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Dr. Nahid Jafari

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  • Ph D RMIT University 2013
  • MS University of Tabriz 2002
  • BS University of Tabriz 1999


I am a postdoctoral research associate in the area of mathematical modeling and operations research. I have completed my PhD in Statistics and Operations Research at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. . My research interests lie in: Mathematical Programming, Statistical Programming, Discrete Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Linear Integer Programming, Network Design, Conservation Planning, Route Planning, Transportation, Logistics, Facility Location, Resource Allocation, Supply Chain, Matching Problems, Healthcare, Algorithms, Simulation.. Mathematical and Statistical courses, Linear programming, Integer Programming , Networks, Algorithms

Research Publications Publication Date
Nahid Jafari1, John Hearne1 andLeonid Churilov. Why caution is recommended with post-hoc individual patient matching for estimation of treatment effect in parallel-group randomized controlled trials: The case of acute stroke trials. Volume 32, Issue 25, pages 4467–4481. November 2013
Nahid Jafari, John Hearne, A new method to solve the fully connected Reserve Network Design Problem, European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 231, Issue 1, 16 November 2013, Pages 202-209, ISSN 0377-2217, ( November 2013
Jafari, N., B. L. Nuse, C. T. Moore, B. Dilkina, and J. Hepinstall-Cymerman. 2017. Achieving full connectivity of sites in the Multiperiod Reserve Network Design Problem. Computers and Operations Research 81:119-127. | Abstract | Download | Publisher Website May 2017
Presentations Presentation Date
Nuse, B. L., N. Jafari, R. L. Bormann, A. D. Wright, C. T. Moore, J. Hepinstall-Cymerman, and M. Elliott. 2016. Accommodating space and demographic uncertainty, in pursuit of gopher tortoise conservation in Georgia. Invited seminar. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia. 27 October 2016 October 2016
Nuse, B. L., N. Jafari, C. T. Moore, J. Hepinstall-Cymerman, and M. Elliott. 2017. Informing reserve design with demography, for gopher tortoise conservation planning in Georgia. 2017 Wildlife Research Meeting, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division, 8 August 2017, Mansfield, GA. August 2017
Nuse, B. L., C. T. Moore, N. Jafari, J. Hepinstall-Cymerman, and M. Elliott. 2016. Informing reserve design with demography for gopher tortoise conservation planning in Georgia, USA. The Wildlife Society 23rd Annual Conference, 15-19 October 2016, Raleigh, NC. October 2016
Nuse, B. L., C. T. Moore, N. Jafari, J. Hepinstall-Cymerman, and M. Elliott. 2017. Optimal reserves for spatially structured gopher tortoise populations, under forecast landscape conditions in Georgia, USA. US-IALE 2017 Annual Meeting, 9-13 April 2017, Baltimore, MD. April 2017
Jafari, N., and C. T. Moore. 2015. Achieving the spatial connectivity of parcels in the dynamic reserve network design problem. International Symposium on Mathematical Programming, 12-17 July 2015, Pittsburgh, PA. July 2015
Jafari, N., and C. T. Moore. 2014. Designing a dynamic reserve problem under stochastic uncertainties. INFORMS Annual Meeting, 9-12 November 2014, San Francisco, CA. November 2014
Jafari, N., and C. Moore. 2015. Land development uncertainties in the dynamic reserve network design problem. INFORMS Annual Meeting, 1-4 Nov 2015, Philadelphia, PA. November 2015
Jafari, N., C. T. Moore, and J. Hepinstall-Cymerman. 2015. Solution alternatives to achieve parcel connectivity in the dynamic reserve design problem. Twenty-Ninth Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-15), Workshop on Computational Sustainability. 25 January 2015, Austin TX. January 2015