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Anicka Kratina-Hathaway

Anicka Kratina-Hathaway

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Anicka Kratina-Hathaway graduated from the University of Montana in 2009, majoring in Ecology and Organismal biology and minoring in French. Since graduating from the U of M, Anicka has spent time working on a variety of avian field projects ranging from work on mercury contamination in Ospreys, to the ecology of the threatened San Clemente Island Sage Sparrow, to endangered forest songbird ecology and abundance in Hawaii, to the ecology of Common Ravens.. Anicka's research focuses on the geographically isolated Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris) metapopulation in the Bighorn Mountains in north-central Wyoming. Through the use of telemetry and genetic sampling, we will document frog movements, habitat use and connectivity between sub-populations to better understand the risk of local extirpations and potential mitigation strategies.

Project Completion Date
Columbia Spotted Frog Investigations December 2016