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Staff Member

Adam Mitchell



  • BS Western Oregon University 2005
Research Publications Publication Date
Mitchell, A. E., F. Tuh, and T. E. Martin. 2016. Breeding biology of an endemic Bornean turdid: Fruithunter (Chlamydochaera jefferyi). Wilson Journal of Ornithology 129(1), 36-45. March 2017
Martin, T. E., J. C. Oteyza, A. E. Mitchell, A. L. Potticary, and P. Lloyd. 2015. Post-natal growth rates of diverse songbird species covary weakly with embryonic development rates and do not explain adult mortality probability. American Naturalist 185: 380-389. March 2015
Boyce, A.J., B.G. Freeman, A.E. Mitchell and T.E. Martin. 2015. Clutch size declines with elevation in tropical birds. Auk 132: 424-432. April 2015
Presentations Presentation Date
Mitchell, A.E, T.E. Martin. 2016. The Harsh Weather Hypothesis: A Proximate Mechanism for Slow Post-Natal Development of High Elevation Birds. VI North American Ornithological Conference, Washington, D.C., 16-20 August 2016. August 2016
Mitchell, A. E., and T. E. Martin. 2019. Patterns and causes of tropical montane life histories: an observational and experimental study in Malaysian Borneo. June 2019