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Zachary E Underwood

Zach Underwood



Zack Underwood is a recent migrant to Laramie and the University of WY. Zack has spent the last several years in Fort Collins, CO studying fishery biology at CSU. Zack has worked as a field technician on several plains-fishes research projects through Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and has led and assisted with several laboratory research projects on various aspects of fish physiology, including swimming and jumping behavior, thermal biology, and growth and diet studies.

Research Interest

Starting in August 2012, Zack began working with the Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, US Fish and Wildlife, and Wyoming Game and Fish on a project evaluating burbot out-migration from several lakes and reservoirs in the Wind River drainage in central Wyoming.

Research Publications Publication Date
Zachary Hooley-Underwood, Elizabeth G. Mandeville, Paul Gerrity, Joe Deromedi, Kevin Johnson, and Annika W. Walters. 2018. Combining genetic, isotopic, and field data to better describe the influence of dams and diversions on Burbot movement in the Wind River Drainage, Wyoming. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 147 (3): 606-620. 2018-05-31
Walters, A.W., E. Mandeville, W.C. Saunders, P. Gerrity, J. Skorupski, Z. Underwood*, E. Gardunio. 2017. Comparison of burbot population dynamics across adjacent native and invaded ranges. Aquatic Invasions 12: 251-262 2017-06-30
Underwood, Z., E. Mandeville, and A.W. Walters. 2016. Population connectivity and genetic clustering of burbot populations in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming. Hydrobiologia 765:329-342 doi: 10.1007/s10750-015-2422-y. 2016-01-31
Stewart, D.R., Z.E. Underwood, F.J. Rahel, and A.W. Walters. 2018. The effectiveness of surrogate taxa to conserve freshwater biodiversity. Conservation Biology 32: 183-194. doi/10.1111/cobi.12967. 2018-01-31
Presentations Presentation Date
Zachary Underwood, Elizabeth Mandeville, Annika Walters, Joe Deromedi, Paul Gerrity, Mike Mazur, and Kevin Johnson. 2015. The effects of water development on the genetic structure of burbot in the upper Wind River Basin, Wyoming. CO/WY American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Fort Collins, CO. 2015-02-25
Walters, A.W., Z. Hooley-Underwood, and E.G. Mandeville. 2018. Evaluating the influence of dams and diversions on Burbot movement in the Wind River Drainage, Wyoming using genetic, isotopic, and field data. Western Division of American Fisheries Society, Anchorage, Alaska. 2018-05-24
Underwood, Z.E., E.G. Mandeville, and A.W. Walters. The effects of water development on the genetic structure of North American bubot populations. International Congress on the Biology of Fish. Edinburgh, Scotland. 2014-08-04
Underwood, Z, and A. Walters. 2014. Burbot movement and entrainment pathways in the upper Wind River drainage CO/WY American Fisheries Society Meeting, Laramie, WY. 2014-03-05
Stewart, D., Z. Underwood, A. Walters, and F. Rahel. 2016. Are native fish management areas efficient conservation surrogates for amphibians, mussels, and reptiles? CO/WY AFS meeting, Laramie, WY. 2016-03-02