Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
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Staff Member

Erin Vaughn


Research Publications Publication Date
Hahn EE, Klimova A, Munguia-Vega A, Clark KB, and Culver M. 2020. Use of museum specimens to refine historical pronghorn subspecies boundaries. J. Wildlife Management, | Abstract January 2020
Hahn EE and M Culver. 2021. Genetic diversity and structure in Arizona pronghorn following conservation efforts. Conservaton Science and Practice, doi:10.1111/csp2.498. July 2021
Project Completion Date
Epigenomics of the Endangered Sonoran Pronghorn December 2017
Presentations Presentation Date
Culver, M., A.M. Munguia and E. Hahn. 2020. Use[LN1] of Museum Specimens to Refine Historical Pronghorn Subspecies Boundaries. IUCN Peninsular Pronghorn Species Action Plan Workshop, January 21-23, 2020, Guerrero Negro, Mexico.<br><br> January 2020