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Nicholas S Forman

Nick S. Forman



Before starting in Fall 2012 on my M.S at Penn State, I received my B.S. from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, where I did an honor's thesis on the microhabitat affinities of salamanders in impacted landscapes. Field research has taken me to Nicaragua, New Zealand, and Australia, the latter where I spent a year conducting research on a potential biological control for the Cane Toad and contributing to studies on Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroos. My interests are in spatial ecology and population ecology, with a recent focus on mammals. The project I will be working on with the PA CoOp unit will determine River Otter abundances in Pennsylvania using the non-invasive technique of fecal DNA analysis. Outside of academics, I play rugby, meddle in the culinary arts, and find any excuse to be outside.

Presentations Presentation Date
Forman, N.S., T. Hardisky, M. Lovallo, W.D. Walter. 2014. Monitoring river otter populations in northeastern Pennsylvania using non-invasive genetic sampling and spatial capture-recapture models. The 21st Annual Wildlife Society Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.<br><br> October 2014
Forman, N.F., and W.D. Walter. 2013. Population estimates of river otters in northeastern Pennsylvania using non-invasive genetic sampling. The Wildlife Society Annual Conference, Milwaukee, WI October 2013