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Shana Sundstrom

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Research Publications Publication Date
Sundstrom, S.M., T. Eason, R.J. Nelson, D.G. Angeler, C. Barichievy, A.S. Garmestani, N.A.J. Graham, D. Granholm, L. Gunderson, M. Knutson, K.L. Nash, M. Nyström, T. Spanbauer, C.A. Stow, and C.R. Allen. 2017. Detecting spatial regimes in ecological systems. Ecology Letters 20:19-32. October 2017
Sundstrom, S.M., C.R. Allen and L.H. Gunderson. 2016. Resisting resilience theory—a response to Connell, Sean D, and Ghedini, Giulia. 2015. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 31:412-413. July 2016
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Nash, K.L., C. R. Allen, C. Barichievy, M. Nyström, S. Sundstrom, and N.A.J. Graham. Habitat structure and body size distributions: ecosystem appropriate metrics and methods. Oikos 123:971-983. | Abstract November 2014
Chuang, W.C., A. Garmestani, T.N. Eason, T.L. Spanbauer, H.B. Fried-Petersen, C.P. Roberts, S.M. Sundstrom, J.L. Burnett, D.G. Angeler, B.C. Chaffin, L. Gunderson, D. Twidwell and C.R. Allen. Quantitative approaches for assessing ecological and community resilience. Journal of Environmental Management 213: 353-362. July 2018
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Angeler, D. G., B. C. Chaffin, S. M. Sundstrom, A. Garmestani, K. L. Pope, D. R. Uden, D. Twidwell, and C. R. Allen. 2020. Coerced regimes: management challenges in the Anthropocene. Ecology and Society 25(1):4. | Download January 2020
Presentations Presentation Date
Sundstrom, S., C.R. Allen and D.G. Angeler. Discontinuity and convergence in global economies. 2016 Conference on Complex Systems, Amsterdam, Netherlands. September 2016
Sundstrom, S. and C.R. Allen. Cross-scale resilience from theory to practice: Results from a synthesis collaboration. Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Annual Meeting, Victoria, Canada, May 8-11 2017. May 2017
Shana Sundstrom and Craig Allen. Detecting Spatial Regimes. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, August, 6-11, 2017. August 2017
Pope, K. L., B. C. Chaffin, H. E. Birgé, C. R. Allen, S. M. Sundstrom, and D. G. Angeler. 2017. Emergent properties of recreational fisheries. 8th World Recreational Fishing Conference, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (poster). July 2017