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South Dakota Staff Member

David Deslauriers

Dave's minnow trap eel



David grew up in Quebec City, Canada and attended Laval University where he specialized in marine ecology, BS degree (2003-2006); St. John's Newfoundland for an advanced diploma in sustainable aquaculture, 2007; MS degree at the University of New Brunswick in St. John (2008-2011). David is working on his PhD studying larval sturgeon ecology with Dr. Steve Chipps.

Research Publications Publication Date
Deslauriers, D., S.R. Chipps, J.E. Breck, J.A. Rice, C.P. Madenjian. 2018. Fish Bioenergetics 4.0: An R-based modeling application. Fisheries 42(11): 586-596. 2018-01-31
Deslauriers, D., L.A. Heironimus, T. Rapp, B.D.S. Graeb, R.A. Klumb, and S.R. Chipps. 2017. Growth potential of age-0 Pallid Sturgeon in the Missouri River: insight from an individual based model. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 27:198-208. 2017-02-28
Deslauriers, D., A.J. Rosburg, and S.R. Chipps. 2017. Development of a foraging model framework to reliably estimate daily food consumption of young fishes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 74:1668-1681. 2017-08-31
Deslaurier, D., Heironimus, L. and Chipps, S. 2016. Test of a foraging-bioenergetics model to evaluate growth dynamics of endangered pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus). Ecological Modelling 336:1-12. 2016-09-30
Presentations Presentation Date
Chipps, S.R., Heironimus, L.B., D. Deslauriers, and D. Galat. 2016. Growth of larval Pallid Sturgeon as influenced by changes in Missouri River water temperatures. 76th Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Grand Rapids, MI. 2016-01-18
Technical Publications Publication Date
Deslauriers, D., S.R. Chipps, B.D.S. Graeb, and R.A. Klumb. 2015. Development and application of a spatially-explicit model for estimating growth of age-0 Pallid Sturgeon in the Missouri River. Final report submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, Omaha, Nebraska, 169 pp. 2015-10-31