Warning: You are strongly advised to use Google Chrome when accessing this tool. The OME does not work in Internet Explorer. Users have also reported that recent updates to Firefox block key functionality within the tool.

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Online Metadata Editor (OME)

This tool will ask you simple, jargon-free questions about your dataset and produce a standardized metadata record. Using the Online Metadata Editor you can:

  •    login and start new metadata records or upload and edit existing ones;
  •    view all metadata records you have created or uploaded in the past;
  •    save metadata records and return later to complete them;
  •    save completed metadata records to your desktop;

Once your information is entered, the tool will output your record into a standard called the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata. The standard is widely used in Federal agencies for both geospatial and non-geospatial data. The metadata record created will export in xml format, which is easily viewed in any web browser. The XML metadata record can then be submitted to metadata catalogs such as the USGS Science Data Catalog and data.gov

This tool was developed through a partnership between the USGS Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS) Program and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Version: 2.23.2