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M883 Appalachian-Interior-Northeastern Mesic Forest Macrogroup

The U.S. National
Vegetation Classification
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Common (Translated Scientific) Name: Appalachian-Interior-Northeastern Mesic Forest Macrogroup
Colloquial Name: Appalachian-Interior-Northeastern Mesic Forest
Hierarchy Level: Macrogroup
Type Concept:
Diagnostic Characteristics: No Data Available
Rationale for Nominal Species or Physiognomic Features:
Classification Comments: No Data Available
Similar NVC Types:
M014 Laurentian-Acadian Mesic Hardwood - Conifer Forest, note:
M008 Southern Mesic Mixed Broadleaf Forest, note:
M012 Central Midwest Oak Forest, Woodland & Savanna, note:
M016 Southern & South-Central Oak - Pine Forest & Woodland, note:
M502 Appalachian-Northeastern Oak - Hardwood - Pine Forest & Woodland, note:
M882 Central Midwest Mesic Forest, note:
Physiognomy and Structure: No Data Available
Dynamics: No Data Available
Environmental Description: No Data Available
Geographic Range:
Nations: CA, US
States/Provinces: AL, CT, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, ME?, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, ON, PA, QC?, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV
US Forest Service Ecoregions (2007)
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Division Name:
Province Name:
Province Code:     Occurrence Status:
Section Name:
Section Code:     Occurrence Status:
Omernik Ecoregions:
Plot Analysis Summary:
Confidence Level: Low - Poorly Documented
Confidence Level Comments:
Grank: GNR
Concept Lineage:
Obsolete Names:
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Concept Author(s):
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Version Date: 01Jan1900
  • Faber-Langendoen, D., J. Drake, S. Gawler, M. Hall, C. Josse, G. Kittel, S. Menard, C. Nordman, M. Pyne, M. Reid, L. Sneddon, K. Schulz, J. Teague, M. Russo, K. Snow, and P. Comer, editors. 2010-2019a. Divisions, Macrogroups and Groups for the Revised U.S. National Vegetation Classification. NatureServe, Arlington, VA. plus appendices. [in preparation]