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M104 Temperate Atlantic Intertidal Shore Macrogroup

The U.S. National
Vegetation Classification
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Common (Translated Scientific) Name: Temperate Atlantic Intertidal Shore Macrogroup
Colloquial Name: Temperate Atlantic Intertidal Shore
Hierarchy Level: Macrogroup
Type Concept:
Diagnostic Characteristics: No Data Available
Rationale for Nominal Species or Physiognomic Features:
Classification Comments: No Data Available
Similar NVC Types:
Physiognomy and Structure: No Data Available
Dynamics: No Data Available
Environmental Description: No Data Available
Geographic Range:
Nations: CA, US
States/Provinces: CT, DE, LB, MA, MD, ME, NB, NC, NF, NH, NJ, NS, NY, RI, VA
US Forest Service Ecoregions (2007)
Domain Name:
Division Name:
Province Name:
Province Code:     Occurrence Status:
Section Name:
Section Code:     Occurrence Status:
Omernik Ecoregions:
Plot Analysis Summary:
Confidence Level: Low - Poorly Documented
Confidence Level Comments:
Grank: GNR
Name:Database Code:Classification Code:
Class 5 Aquatic Vegetation C05 5
Subclass 5.A Saltwater Aquatic Vegetation S09 5.A
Formation 5.A.2 Benthic Macroalgae Saltwater Vegetation F053 5.A.2
Division 5.A.2.Wb Temperate Intertidal Shore D047 5.A.2.Wb
Macrogroup M104 Temperate Atlantic Intertidal Shore M104 5.A.2.Wb.1
Group G387 North American North Atlantic Intertidal Shore G387 5.A.2.Wb.1.a
Concept Lineage:
Obsolete Names:
Obsolete Parents:
Concept Author(s): Faber-Langendoen et al.
Author of Description:
Version Date: 01Jan1900
  • Faber-Langendoen, D., J. Drake, S. Gawler, M. Hall, C. Josse, G. Kittel, S. Menard, C. Nordman, M. Pyne, M. Reid, L. Sneddon, K. Schulz, J. Teague, M. Russo, K. Snow, and P. Comer, editors. 2010-2019a. Divisions, Macrogroups and Groups for the Revised U.S. National Vegetation Classification. NatureServe, Arlington, VA. plus appendices. [in preparation]