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CEGL004934 Prosopis glandulosa Wet Scrub

The U.S. National
Vegetation Classification
Type Concept Sentence:
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Common (Translated Scientific) Name: Honey Mesquite Wet Scrub
Colloquial Name:
Hierarchy Level: Association
Type Concept: This woodland occurs associated with floodplains of major streams or rivers.
Diagnostic Characteristics: No Data Available
Rationale for Nominal Species or Physiognomic Features:
Classification Comments: No Data Available
Similar NVC Types:
Physiognomy and Structure: No Data Available
Dynamics: No Data Available
Environmental Description: No Data Available
Geographic Range:
Nations: MX, US
States/Provinces: AZ?, MXCH, MXCO, NM?, TX
US Forest Service Ecoregions (1994/1995)
Domain Name:
Division Name:
Province Name: Chihuahuan Semi-Desert Province
Province Code: 321    Occurrence Status: Confident or certain
Section Name: Basin and Range Section
Section Code: 321A     Occurrence Status: Confident or certain
Omernik Ecoregions:
Confidence Level: Low - Poorly Documented
Confidence Level Comments:
Grank: GNR
Concept Lineage:
Obsolete Names:
Obsolete Parents:
Concept Author(s): J. Poole and A.S. Weakley
Author of Description: J. Poole and A.S. Weakley
Version Date: 01Oct1997
  • Southeastern Ecology Working Group of NatureServe. No date. International Ecological Classification Standard: International Vegetation Classification. Terrestrial Vegetation. NatureServe, Durham, NC.