Individual Metadata Upload (IMU) Tool for the USGS Science Data Catalog (SDC)

Who needs to use IMU?

IMU is used to deliver a metadata XML file to the SDC when:

Who does not need to use IMU?

Before submitting your XML metadata record to IMU, you must ensure that:

Failure to meet the above criteria will result in your metadata record failing validation and not being indexed in the Science Data Catalog

By submitting your metadata record to the SDC via IMU, you are affirming that your metadata record has been reviewed for compliance with USGS SM 502.7.

IMU is undergoing maintenance to comply with new USGS policies related to Two-Factor Authentication for applications.

If you have a metadata file to submit to the Science Data Catalog:

  • send the XML file as attachment to
  • indicate in the email whether the file you are sending is a record that is new to the SDC, or a revision to an XML metadata file previously submitted to the SDC through IMU.