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Core Science Analytics, Synthesis, and Libraries (CSAS&L) - Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Service

Warning: You are strongly advised to use Google Chrome when accessing this tool. The DOI Tool does not work in Internet Explorer. Users have also reported that recent updates to Firefox block key functionality within the tool.

USGS Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Creation Tool

USGS Core Science Analytics, Synthesis, and Libraries, in collaboration with Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Mercury Consortium, has established this Digital Object Identifier (DOI) service for USGS. To generate the DOIs, users need to prepare citation metadata for their digital content; this includes information about creator, title, and publication date.

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New User?

As of September 11, 2015, DOI Tool is using USGS Active Directory (AD) username and password for login. If you had a DOI Tool account prior to this date, your existing records will be accessible when you login using your AD credentials. If you are a first time user, you can log in with your USGS AD credentials and immediately begin using the Tool. If you experience problems logging in with your AD credentials, please contact the USGS Service Desk.

Please note that, due to licensing restrictions, use of this Tool is restricted to USGS personnel.


Due to licensing restrictions, use of this tool is restricted to USGS personnel, for those data products published by the bureau.


Offered in partnership with U3C/EZID, this service allows USGS researchers to generate globally unique, persistent, and resolvable identifiers for their data products. A data DOI can be cited in the original research publication, and by subsequent users of those data, enabling generation of metrics on data reuse.


To generate data product DOIs, DOI Tool users need to submit brief citation metadata, including the title, creator(s), publication date, type of data product, abstract, dates relevant to the data, and an online link to the data. These citation metadata can be updated at anytime.


Users can request and hold a DOI in the DOI Tool until they receive official approval for release of those data, and then return to the Tool to authorize activation of the DOI with the DataCite index.

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