Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Minnesota
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Minnesota Technical Assistance Activities

Image of state agency staff at scenario planning workshop

Description and Agency Provider(s) Date
U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division, Upper Mississippi Environmental Sciences Center Technical Review Team, member
Andersen April 2001
Technical assistance provided to USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant facilitated by the Land Stewardship Project. Participants include scientists, agency personnel, and farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I am coordinating writing a research article and technical article on streamside grazing to be used in Train the Trainer manuals. 7/1/98-6/30/00
Vondracek June 2000
Technical Advisory Committee, member, Rice Creek Watershed District Hardwood Creek Biological TMDL study 2003-2004 for the first biological TMDL implemented in Minnesota
Vondracek October 2003
Served as an "expert" with 25 other experts and 25 citizens will develop questions for a radio program titled "Changing Currents" produced by Minnesota Public Radio, The College of St. Benedict/St. John's University Environmental Studies Program and KNSR in Collegeville during the week of May 6-11, 2002. The program focus was to help Minnesotans think more about the condition of Minnesota rivers.
Vondracek May 2002
Served as a member of oversight committee of LCMR project (1997-2001) convened through Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture titled Sustainable farming systems: showing the advantages. Final report submitted to LCMR, August 2001.
Vondracek June 2001
Provided technical assistance to the Bag Limit Review Committee, Minnesota DNR, Brainerd, MN.
Fulton May 2002
Provided technical assistance for a project funded by the Environmental Program of the Joyce Foundation with the Land Stewardship Project (LSP), Defenders of Wildlife, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the Wallace Center, and scientists at the University of Minnesota and Iowa State University. Purpose is to develop policy concepts to examine how agricultural and rural development policies could be fundamentally, but realistically changed to foster changes in food and farming systems that result in significant social and environmental benefits.
Vondracek July 2001
Provided social science technical expertise during 3, 4-day planning workshops to develop the Comprehensive Conservation Plan for Sherburne NWR July 2001, March 2002, September 2002.
Fulton September 2002
Provided assistance to the Interim Integration Committee for implementation of the 2012 NAWMP in designing and implementing a pilot application of a stated choice experiment to better understand manager and researcher preference for outcomes from the NAWMP.
Interim Intergration Committee
Fulton November 2012
Provided a review of research findings concerning the social aspects of trout management in SE Minnesota. May 3, 2004. Lanesboro, MN
Fulton May 2004
Provided a continuing education workshop to the Minnesota Chapter of the American Fisheries Society focused on public involvement processes.
Fulton May 2003
Operational data collection for Eastern Prairie Population Canada Goose Technical Section of the Mississippi Flyway Council at Cape Churchill, Manitoba. June-August 2001-2011.
Eastern Prairie Population Committee, Technical Section, Mississippi Flyway Coucil
Andersen June 2001
Interviewed for a segment on "Almanac" on Twin Cities Public Television 16 August 2002. The segment highlighted research I had done in Southeast Minnesota examining the effects of managed intensive grazing.
Vondracek August 2002
Attended coldwater resources roundtable facilitated by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to develop a strategic plan for coldwater resources manamgement in southeast Minnesota, Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, 16 August 2003
Fulton, Vondracek August 2003
Attended and presented at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, summer Fisheries Research meeting, Aitken, MN, 15-16 July 2003
Fulton, Vondracek July 2003
Role - Description Provider         Start Date        End Date       
Steering Committee, member, Consrvation Biology Program - Serve on the Steering Committee which oversees the activities of the Conservation Biology Program. Vondracek January 2000 March 2015
Search committee for fisheries faculty in FWCB, University of Minnesota - Served as committee member in the selection process for a fisheries faculty position. Fulton September 2017 May 2018
Member, Steering Committee, Conservation Biology Program Vondracek July 2006 June 2007
Member, Scholastic Standing and Scholarship Committee, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Vondracek July 2006 June 2007
Member, Scholarship Committee, College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences Vondracek July 2006 June 2007
Member, Long Range Planning Committee, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Vondracek July 2006 June 2007
Member, Admissions Committe, Conservation Biology Vondracek July 2006 June 2007
Member, Admission Committee, Conservation Biology Vondracek July 2007 June 2008
Faculty Consultative Committee, FWCB, University of Minnesota - Served on the FCC that provided direction to the department head on key decision-making issues. Fulton September 2017 September 2019
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion workgroup - CFANS - (new to this committee - will provide more details in future) Waterhouse October 2021 Present
Conservation Sciences - Written Comprehensive Review Panel - Primary reviewer for Keiran Smith - Review written exam for Conservation Sciences graduate students, provide written feedback and discuss with panel. The primary reviewer is responsible for leading the discussion and writing a summary that covers the strengths and weaknesses of the exam. This summary will be provided to the student. Waterhouse April 2022 May 2022
Admissions Committee, member, Water Resources Science Program - Review applications and assist committee in selection of qualified applicants. Vondracek September 2003 March 2015
Admissions Committee Chair, Conservation Biology Program - Review applications to the Conservation Biology Graduate Program and recommend qualified students to participating faculty. Vondracek September 1996 March 2015
Role and Organization Individual         Start Date        End Date       
Reviewer, Methods in Ecology Waterhouse January 2022 Present
Reviewer, Fisheries Management and Ecology Waterhouse January 2022 Present
Reviewer, Biological Invasions Waterhouse January 2023 Present
Member, Western Wildlife Research Objectives Workshop Fulton September 2000 December 2004
Member, Supervisor Search Committee, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Andersen September 1999 November 1999
Member, Management Review Panel, Upper Midwest Enviromental Sciences Center Andersen January 2001 May 2003
Member, Interview Panel, Minnesota Departmen of Natural Resources, Division of Fisheries Vondracek October 2000 October 2000
Member, Interview Panel, Minnesota Departmen of Natural Resources, Division of Fisheries Vondracek May 2001 May 2001
Member, Evaluation Team, Trout Habitat Improvement Process, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Vondracek May 2001 May 2001
Member, EPP Canada Goose Committee, Technical Section, Mississippi Flyway Council Andersen February 1995 August 2011
Member, Interview Panel for Farmland Research Group, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Fulton September 2000 September 2000
Chair, Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Board Vondracek July 2001 December 2001
Outreach Activity Provider(s)        Date       
Venture North (Minnesota Public Television program) segment on goshawk research project Andersen October 2002
Streby, Henry M., Sean M. Peterson, and David E. Andersen. 2011. Golden-winged Warbler research at Tamarac and Rice Lake National Wildlife Refuges. Minnesota Ornithologists Union Annual Meeting. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 2011. Andersen, Peterson, Streby December 2011
Streby, H.M., S.M. Peterson, T. Will, T. Cooper, and D.E. Andersen. 2012. Golden-winged warblers and the importance of diverse forest landscapes. Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter. Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Bloomington, Minnesota. Andersen, Peterson, Streby February 2012
Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN daily newspaper) feature story on woodcock research project. Andersen September 2002
Peterson, S. M., H. M. Streby, T. C. Will, T. R. Cooper, and D. E. Andersen. 2103. Golden-winged warblers and the importance of diverse forest landscapes. Zumbro Valley Audubon Society. Rochester, Minnesota. 22 January 2013. Andersen, Peterson, Streby January 2013
Interviewed for an article in the December 2003 Land Stewardship Letter published by the Land Stewardship Project based on research published in two journal articles: Vondracek, B., J. K. H. Zimmerman, and J. V. Westra. Setting an effective TMDL for suspended sediment: an assessment of sediment loading and effects of suspended sediment on fish. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 39:1005-1015 and Zimmerman , J. K. H., B. Vondracek, and J. V. Westra. 2003. Agricultural land use on sediment loading and fish assemblages in two Minnesota basins. Environmental Management 32:93-105. In addition, the interview lead to publication of two fact sheets produced by the Land Stewardship Project. These fact sheets are available at Vondracek December 2003
A website was developed to track satellite-marked American Woodcock. The website was placed on the Ruffed Grouse/American Woodcock website. Krementz, Moore, Andersen, Cooper August 2013