Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Staff Member

Anthony Barada


Research Publications Publication Date
Chizinski, C. J., D. R. Martin, K. L. Pope, T. J. Barada, and J. J. Schuckman. 2014. Angler effort and catch within a spatially complex system of small lakes. Fisheries Research 154:172-178. | Download March 2014
Presentations Presentation Date
Pope, K. L., K. L. Hurley, T. J. Barada, C. J. Chizinski, and M. A. Kaemingk. 2020. Fishing for greater understanding. 150th Annual Meeting, American Fisheries Society, Columbus, Ohio. September 2020
Pope, K. L., C. J. Chizinski, K. L. Hurley, R. S. Holland, T. J. Barada, M. A. Kaemingk, and D. S. Kane. 2023. Knowledge gained from on-site interviews of anglers. 83rd Annual Meeting, Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Overland Park, Kansas. February 2022
Kowalewski, L. K., N. T. Stewart, T. J. Barada, A. J. Blank, C. J. Chizinski, J. J. Jackson, J. D. Katt, and K. L. Pope. 2014. Non-target mortality following low-dose rotenone application. Joint meeting between Nebraska and Iowa Chapters of the American Fisheries Society, Council Bluffs, Iowa (poster). February 2014