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Staff Member

Megan Thul

22 and 23 year old Freshwater Drum



Megan is from Dubuque, IA where she spent her childhood along the Mississippi River. While researching fish populations and habitat of IA waters for the IA DNR she graduated Iowa State with double majors in Biology and Fisheries. Megan is working on walleye energetics with Dr. Steve Chipps.. Currently, I am researching factors influencing walleye recruitment in northeast South Dakota-considering available food and habitat. I am fascinated by the diversity of aquatic organisms and their adaptations to changing aquatic environments. I would like a career researching and monitoring aquatic ecosystems over long time periods to better understand change and work for conservation.. Teaching is rewarding. I enjoy sharing my research with coworkers, lake members, and local anglers. I have a desire to improve the science curriculum in schools and help others develop a relationship with nature.