Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Florida
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Florida Staff Member

Dr. H. Percival

Dr. H.F. Percival

Unit Leader
Phone: (352) 846 - 0543


  • Ph D Clemson University 1972
  • MS Clemson University 1968
  • BS University of South Carolina 1966

Research Interest

Dr. Percival's research interests lie in wetland wildlife, and have conducted long term collaborative projects on various aspects of alligator and migratory bird biology. He has teamed with geomaticists and aeronautical engineers to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle for assessment of wildlife populations and habitats. he has a special interest in natural resources administration, especially multidisciplinary, collaborative, and interagency research programs.

Research Publications Publication Date
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Name Degree Program Status Completion Date
Rambo, Thomas Master's Completed Program 2011-12-31
Watts, Adam PhD Completed Program 2012-12-10
Perry, John PhD Completed Program 2012-05-31
Delany, Patrick Master's Completed Program 2012-12-15
Teague, Amy Master's Completed Program 2011-12-18
Throm, Rio Master's Completed Program 2012-08-01
Williams, Natalie Master's Completed Program 2012-08-30
Johnson, Fred PhD Completed Program 2010-05-01
Wood, Petra PhD Completed Program 1992-05-01
Waddle, James PhD Completed Program 2006-12-31
Stolen, Eric PhD Completed Program 2000-12-31
Spratt, Richard Master's Completed Program 1997-12-01
Sorensen, Kristina Master's Completed Program 2003-05-03
Schwarzer, Amy Master's Completed Program 2011-08-08
Schmid, Jeffrey PhD Completed Program 2000-05-01
Rice, Kenneth PhD Completed Program 1996-08-01
Rice, Kenneth Master's Completed Program 1992-08-01
Neils, Aletris Master's Completed Program 2006-12-31
Morea, Cory Master's Completed Program 1999-12-01
Masson, Gregory PhD Completed Program 1995-12-01
Maskey, Tirtha PhD Completed Program 1989-05-01
Jones, George Master's Completed Program 2003-12-20
Jeske, Clint Master's Completed Program 1985-08-01
Jennings, Michael Master's Completed Program 1986-05-01
Jeffery, Brian Master's Completed Program 2007-08-31
Howarter, Stanley Master's Completed Program 1999-12-01
Grear, Jason Master's Completed Program 1992-08-01
Gray, Paul PhD Completed Program 1993-12-01
Garmestani, Ahjond Master's Completed Program 1997-12-01
Darby, Philip PhD Completed Program 1998-12-01
Coyner, Donald PhD Completed Program 1998-12-01
Chopp, Matthew Master's Completed Program 2003-05-03
Cherkiss, Michael Master's Completed Program 1999-08-01
Carthy, Raymond PhD Completed Program 1996-08-01
Campbell, Mark Master's Completed Program 1999-08-01
Brasel, Linda Master's Completed Program 1983-12-01
Bishop, Mary PhD Completed Program 1988-08-01
Anderson, Jay Master's Completed Program 1996-12-01
Presentations Presentation Date
Percival, H.F. Lunch with a scientist. Invited seminar. National Science Writers Association annual meeting. Gainesville FL Nov 4, 2013 2013-11-04
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