Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Tennessee
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Tennessee Staff Member

Dr. James Layzer

Tennessee Unit Leader Dr. Jim Layzer

Unit Leader
Phone: (931) 372 - 3032


  • Ph D Oklahoma State University 1982
  • MS University of Massachusetts 1974
  • BS University of Massachusetts 1971


BS and MS degrees, University of Massachusetts; PhD, Oklahoma State University. Curently holds the rank of Professor in the Department of Biology and Unit Leader of the Tennessee Unit.

Teaching Interest


Research Interest

Ecology of mussels and restoration of imperiled fish and mussels in regulated rivers. Environmental flows.

Research Publications Publication Date
Weber, A.S. and J.B. Layzer. 2011. A comparison of turtle sampling methods in a small lake in Standing Stone State Park, Overton County, Tennessee. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science. 2011-01-31
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Ashton, M., and J. B. Layzer. 2008. Distribution of the threatened snail darter (Percina tanasi) in the upper Tennessee River drainage. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 83:52-56. 2008-07-31
Name Degree Program Status Completion Date
Foley, Ryan Master's Completed Program 2013-12-01
Barton, Stephanie Master's Completed Program 2011-12-01
Ehlo, Chase Master's Completed Program 2011-12-10
Wisniewski, Jason Master's Completed Program 2004-05-01
Welte, Nevin Master's Completed Program 2005-12-17
Weber, Andy Master's Completed Program 2008-05-15
Surgenor, Stacy Master's Completed Program 2003-08-09
Smith, Erin Master's Completed Program 2005-12-17
Simmons, Jeff Master's Completed Program 2004-05-01
Saha, Samrat PhD Completed Program 2007-12-10
Rahm, Eric Master's Completed Program 2008-05-15
Ragland, Dusty Master's Completed Program 2004-05-01
Quinn, Robert Master's Completed Program 2002-08-02
Moles, Kendall PhD Completed Program 2017-12-15
Moles, Kendall Master's Completed Program 2005-12-17
Mengel, Malissa Master's Completed Program 2007-08-10
Helton, Jesse Master's Completed Program 2009-12-10
Ford, Anthony Master's Completed Program 2003-12-10
Farmer, Jason Master's Completed Program 2001-05-11
Ashton, Matt Master's Completed Program 2007-05-10
Adair, Brian Master's Completed Program 2005-08-10
Camp, Mieko PhD Completed Program 2016-08-13
Presentations Presentation Date
Life History of the Cumberland Papershell Anodontoides denigrata. Tyler R. Hern and James B. Layzer. Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Symposium. Guntersville, Alabama. 2013-03-11
Kendall R.Moles and James B. Layzer. Reintroduction of mussels into the Calderwood bypass of the Little Tennessee River. A case of fraternizing with the enemy? . Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Symposium. Guntersville, Alabama. 2013-03-13
Foley, R. P. and J. B. Layzer. 2013. ANNULUS DEPOSITION AND INTRA-ANNULAR GROWTH OF Epioblasma ahlstedti AND Lemiox rimosus IN THE DUCK RIVER, TENNESSEE. Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Symposium. Guntersville, Alabama. 2013-03-11
Technical Publications Publication Date
Smith, E.K., J. Gunderson, and J.B. Layzer. 2006. Gene flow among seemingly isolated populations of the endangered bluemask darter, Etheostoma (Doration) sp. Final Report, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Nashville, Tennessee. 61pp. 2006-09-30
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Layzer, J.B. 2000. Book Review - Instream flow protection: Seeking a balance in western water use. By D.M. Gillilan and T.C. Brown. Island Press, Washington, DC. 1997. 410pp. In: Fisheries 25(1):42 2001-08-31
Layzer, J.B. 2009. Relationship between stream discharge and recruitment of the Cumberland Elktoe (Alasmidonta atropurpurea). The Nature Conservancy. Tennessee. 2009-09-30
Layzer, J.B. 2004. Recovery of the endangered Ringpink Obovaia retusa. Final Report, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 4p. 2006-09-30
Layzer, J.B. 2004. Maintenance of captive populations of endangered freshwater mussels. Final Report, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Nashville, Tennessee. 5p. 2006-09-30
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