Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Arkansas
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Arkansas Staff Member

Eric Larson

Research Publications Publication Date
Larson, E.R., D.D. Magoulick, C. Turner and K.H. Laycock. 2009. Disturbance and species displacement: different tolerances to stream drying and dessication between a native and invasive crayfish. Freshwater Biology 54:1899-1908. 2009-08-31
Larson, E.R. and D.D. Magoulick. 2011. Life history notes on Cambarus hubbsi (Hubbs Crayfish) from the South Fork Spring River, Arkansas. Southeastern Naturalist 10:121-132. 2011-03-31
Larson, E.R. and D.D. Magoulick. 2009. Does juvenile competition explain displacement of a native crayfish by an introduced crayfish? Biological Invasions 11:725-735. 2009-04-30
Larson, E.R. and D.D. Magoulick. 2008. Comparative life history of native (Orconectes eupunctus) and introduced (Orconectes neglectus) crayfishes in the Spring River drainage of Arkansas and Missouri. American Midland Naturalist 160:323-341. 2008-10-31
Larson, E. R., R. J. Distefano, D. D. Magoulick, and J. Westhoff. 2008. Efficiency of quadrat sampling for riffle-dwelling crayfish. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 28:1036-1043. 2008-08-31
DiStefano, R.J., D.D. Magoulick, E.M. Imhoff, and E.R. Larson. 2009. Imperiled crayfishes use hyporheic zone during seasonal drying of an intermittent stream. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28:142-152. 2009-05-31
Technical Publications Publication Date
Larson, E.R. and D.D. Magoulick. 2007. Effects of the introduced crayfish Orconectes ngelectus on a native crayfish Orconectes eupunctus in an Ozark stream system. Final Report prepared for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Little Rock, Arkansas. 2007-12-31