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Ms. Hanem Abouelezz

Hanem and her catch.

Phone: (802) 656 - 3388


  • MS University of Vermont 2009


I came to the University of Vermont after three very wild summers; two in the Rockies, one in Alaska. It became increasingly clear to me that these beautiful places which evoke emotions that strip malls and diners never could, are under attack. I heard constantly that "someone should do something to save the environment." I decided to be one of those "somebodys" and have since started my graduate work at the University of Vermont in Wildlife Biology. Currently my focus has revolved around course work in Geographic Information Systems, behavioral ecology and habitat selection of bobcats. In the future I hope to continue to have amazing experiences in the natural world, perhaps working as a biologist for nonprofit or government organizations both within the United States and abroad. I am most interested in studying elusive carnivore behavior and range use as well as ungulate sociobiology, with the hope of preserving keystone and umbrella species.

Research Publications Publication Date
Abouelezz, H. G, T. M. Donovan, J. Murdoch. R. M. Mickey, M. Freeman, and K. Royar. 2018. Landscape composition mediates movement and habitat selection in bobcats (Lynx rufus): Implications for conservation planning. Landscape Ecology 33:1301-1318. | Abstract | Download | Publisher Website August 2018