Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Vermont
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Vermont Staff Member

Alexej Siren

Alexej Siren is a post-doc with the Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit.

Post Doc



  • Ph D University of Massachusetts 2020
  • MS University of New Hampshire 2013
  • BA Vermont College 2009


The ongoing and projected threat from global change poses unique challenges to wildlife populations, species, and ecosystems. My research leverages biogeographical and ecological theory and novel field and quantitative methods to address these challenges and better understand natural phenomena. I enjoy working with a diversity of scientists, including climate modelers, ecohydrologists, forest ecologists, and natural resource managers to ensure that knowledge is co-produced and utilized in a meaningful and impactful way. I am currently studying the impact of climate change on moose (Alces alces) populations in the northeastern US, with a focus on identifying cost-effective monitoring tools for natural resource agencies. Ongoing projects include 1) identifying and predicting forest structure attributes that support early- and late-successional species, 2) developing efficient and robust tools to monitor climate and wildlife populations, 3) scaling up regional camera trap efforts to establish a continental network, 4) studying mechanisms that influence population dynamics across species’ ranges, and 5) identifying the effects of adaptive silvicultural treatments for climate change on wildlife populations. My past research includes studying anthropogenic disturbance, namely wind farm development, on wildlife populations with a focus on forest-sensitive species.