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Olivia Rode


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Rode, O., V. Reed, M. Mather, T. Moore, K. Nelson, M. Madin, J. Francois, L. Krueger. Hybrid Digital-empirical approaches can advance sustainability of aquatic ecosystems: merging GIS and local fish habitat data to aid watershed conservation. Kansas Natural Resource Conference, Manhattan Kansas, February 2023 February 2023
Rode, O. M. Mather, V. Reed, K. Nelson, M. Madin, J. Francois, T. Moore, L. Krueger. 2023. <i>Squeezing additional insights from fish survey data to aid conservation.</i> 83rd Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference, Overland Park, Kansas (February 12-15, 2023). February 2023
Mather, M., A. Baker*, G. Bally*, O. Rode*, M. Walters*, V. Reed*, L. Krueger*, I. Ciampitti, J. Bergtold, M. Caldas, T. Moore, M. Sanderson, E. Bernick, G. Granco, D. Oliver, J. Steiner, R. Muth. 2023. <i>Scientists can create a transformative, interdisciplinary blueprint for protecting the environment while empowering society to thrive through 21<sup>st</sup>-century change</i>. IFORE Sigma Xi’s International Forum on Research Excellence, Long Beach, CA, November 10-12, 2023<br><br>*=students November 2023
Mather, M. E., O. Rode, D. Oliver, K. Nelson, T. Reed, T. Moore, S. Pratap, S. Kuck. 2024<i>. How a Monitoring Dataset, an Adaptive Management Framework, and Ecological Comparisons of Thoughtfully-Selected Fish Groups Can Aid Aquatic Conservation and Native Fish Restoration.</i> Kansas Natural Resource Conference, Manhattan, KS. 66502 February 2024
Mather, M. E., C. Aymami, and O. Rode. 2021. Plotting a course for science-based, data-driven watershed conservation through the development of a regional collaboration. Invited presentation for a symposium entitled “Creating and Implementing an Ecosystem-wide Integrated Research Agenda and Conservation Plan for Prairie Streams: A Shared Vision, Next Generation Synthesis, and Future Action Plan .” 151st Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, November 6-10, 2021, Baltimore, MD. November 2021
Finn, J., M. Mather, J. Smith, Hitchman, M. Carey, C. Aymami, O. Rode, R. Tingley. 2022. Monitoring that inspires research: linking monitoring and research data, Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Grand Rapids, Michigan (Virtual). May 2022
<br>Mather, M.E., Oliver, D., Smith, J., Rode, O., Reed, V., Moore, T., Nelson, K., Hitchman, S., Pratap, S. 2023. Failure only occurs if nothing is learned: incorporating testable predictions into monitoring. 153rd American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, August 20-24, 2023, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 2023